NEO-Learning  – Future Focused Digital Learning, grounded in community

Wayiba! Wanthiwa! Hello!

NEO-Learning is an education platform a decade in the making. We built this place for primary school teachers and students to give access to quality First Nations digital arts content, resources and live virtual experiences.

NEO-Learning is an education platform for all Australian primary schools, and students from all backgrounds. We source, create and develop content direct from our Digital Lab in Roebourne, Western Australia. NEO-Learning champions the digital arts movement via futuristic content and modes of online learning.

NEO-Learning empowers teachers to feel confidence  so we can deliver First Nations content in the classroom, together. We support by developing fun classroom lessons and workshops with prompts that relate back to your local regions. We build this content with communities, so that students can access digital arts, with learning outcomes in at least one core subject, to meet the needs of our curriculum.

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“Kids are clever and if the right people come they encourage and strengthen their behaviour”

Allery Sandy,
Cultural Advisor & Board member